Infographics are the perfect solution to visualise information. Whether the subject is easy or complex, it's a great way to let content speak for itself.

See below for some of my projects.

Aqcuiring building sites for business

This infographic shows the process of buying a parcel for business.
It helps the Municipality of Ede to inform potential investors how to buy land.

Infographic-verkoop van kavels_Studio_Sigmon

Making ideas happen

An infographic about how to get your ideas into action.
And even better, to finish your ideas and to keep improving.


European airports

An infographic about the four biggest airports in Europe.


Students & media

Infographic explaining the media use of students.


Business timeline

Infographic showing the developments within an organisation over the course of 10 years.


Rotterdam Blast Report

A series of maps explaining the impact of a potential nucleair disaster in the harbour of Rotterdam.



Infographic showing the job mobility amongst medical specialists.