Studio Sigmon designs infographics and digital work.

But I also like visual explorations, typography and I do dubious doodles. 


studio sigmon online


A passion for the pixel and a wowness for the worldwide web. 

studio sigmon infographics


Filtering through information so that you will get the essence.

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Jack of many trades, master of some. Find out more about me.

Passion for the pixel & wowness for the www

I have always been interested in online media. I like to see how it evolves, how people interact with it and the impact it has on our daily lives. 

Visualisation of information accelerates knowledge

I select, organise & visualise information so it's clear in one view. 
For you and for others. 

Let's shake hands, look at the sky & make the play work

Besides online experiences and infographics, I can do a lot more.
The mix of being creative and analytical is a big plus.